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Our company has forged 28 years of individual skills and experience into a production process that has gained us recognition by one and all as the leading manufacturer of tarpaulin in Korea. This product was first made available in 1978 and a large-scale production facility was established in Nonsan in 1992. Later, the company went a step further in living up to its name when it began direct operation of its labor-intensive manufacturing facilities in Qingdao, China.

As time wore on we realized the limitations of low-end products. In 2003, we installed a Staringer extrusion machine and a SML coating machine, which boasts the highest performance of its kind in the global market. With this step our company began focusing on upscale products in addition to the existing tarpaulins, and today our specialty and high-functional end products comprise 30% of our total export market. Building upon this success, we are constantly developing unique and high value-added products, and plan to expand our high value-added product market into Canada and the United States.
In addition, we hope to rise to greater challenges in the future by setting up new factories in Hanoi, vietnam, thereby reducing our risk in China, and by expanding into the European market through production site diversification.

In order to create new products and market them proactively, we have already set up a research facility in Israel and are currently developing a specialized film for agricultural use. We happen to be the country's sole vendor and 10-year owner of basic film technology. We have also established and successfully operate a marketing subsidiary in Israel for the sale of these specialized products. The Israel subsidiary is exploring new turf by exporting its woven film to untapped markets such as Africa, and expects a substantial volume of exports in the future. Not only that, in 2007 we plan to kick off an even more aggressive marketing campaign in North America by opening a new factory and warehouse in Canada. By developing newly specialized products to replace existing ones, we will make inroads into markets that are currently dominated by Canadian and American manufacturers.

Each and every employee in the company is dedicated to the task of moving our firm to the top echelon worldwide by the year 2010. Our goal is to provide the best quality products at the right time for the most reasonable price, and we will do our utmost to fulfill the needs and demands of today's changing world.

Once again, we appreciate your interest in our products, and we hope that you will be with us to be a partner in our growth - both in size and quality - in the years ahead.

CEO Youngjin Koh
Puyoung Ind.Co.Ltd